The Wall of Smiles
Photography: Joseph Puhy
Retouching: Bird Visual
Client: Genesys
Producer: Kathrine Kennedy
Director: Sam Miller
Producer Katherine Kennedy reached out the Joseph Puhy with a challenging project for Genesys Cloud Customer Support.  The goal was to photograph Jasmine (main talent) in a studio setting and realistically composite her into 12 different images to make it appear as though she was at all 12 events.  These final images would ultimately be printed and pinned up on the "Wall of Smiles" board featured in the commercial. 
After the initial pitch, Joe contacted Brian Bird to discuss the best plan of attack to technically execute the shoot and set them up for success in post production. In order to flawlessly composite these images together Joe's team had to match the quality of light, camera angle, lensing, color balance, etc. from the original images. One of the biggest challenges was photographing all 12 setups with wardrobe, prop and set changes in a single day.  With Brian in studio they were able to quickly comp Jasmine into the images and make adjustments on fly in order to ensure the images would appear believable and realistic. The client was thrilled to see the images coming together with in minutes of photographing Jasmine and was able to sign off on talent selections and lighting almost immediately. With the help of Katherine's production team to keep the crew on schedule, the shoot day was a success and all parties were ecstatic with the results.

The Commercial...
The Images...
The composite.....
The final prints...

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